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Technical translation
We provide technical translation services by native tongue linguists who are residing in the target market country, and equipped with subject matter expertise. We have invested our resources in recruiting and training in-house and contractor linguists to ensure they are both technically and linguistically competent to translate any document into their native languages at the highest quality. Our ISO9000-2008 certified quality management system ensures all our translations are completed by competent linguists, independently proofread and edited. Our dedicated accountant managers and project managers in five Asian and US cities guarantee reliable 7/24 customer services, our large in-house linguists guarantee fast turnaround of any project, and our versatile engineers guarantee that we can handle all file formats.
Website localization
We provide website localization services to help businesses make their English website multilingual and truly global. Whether your website is a simple static website with just a few pages, or a big, complex database-driven website, we have a solution for you. Our profound knowledge of online presence, experienced website design and programing engineers, and in-country linguists and SEO specialists will make the localization process hassle-free, expanding your website's reach of influence and increasing sales.
Software Localization
We provide software localization services to help businesses expand their software to the non-English speakers. Whether it is an complicated ERP system, an online portal, or a desktop application, or even an IOS and Android smartphone app, our experienced native professionals can localize it into any language. We will translate all that is needed to be localized in the software, including resource files, UI graphics, online Help, documentation into the desired languages while keeping all original functions intact. In addition, we provide all levels of testing, including internationalization testing, localization testing and functionality testing.
Multimedia localization
We have years of real project experience in localizing films, television commercials, corporate training videos, or e-learning courses from English into Asian languages. In other words, we have the experience, technical skills, tools and linguistic expertise to localize video, sound, animation and graphics from English into other languages and ensure colors, logos and designs are culturally appropriate for the target market. We have also voice talent and engineering resources to provide services of recording, mixing, and integration of localized audio and video content.
DTP Localization
Our desktop publishing specialists (DTP) are very experienced in localizing your product's documentation and marketing material in any language and with your desired Windows or Macintosh desktop publishing programs. We use state-of-art CAT and DTP tools to reproduce your materials in the target languages and deliver print ready PDFs which preserve the resolution and all the flavor of the originals.
Localization Consultation
Localization is more than mere translation of text and graphics into target languages. In addition to the translation of user interface and content adaptation, software products need to address the social-cultural specifications of the target market, demographic differences, and keep the required functionality. All this requires profound knowledge of the software itself, target language peculiarities, localization tools available in the market, process and testing. Our experienced professionals are ready to provide consultation, at no cost to you and no obligation.
Enterprise Language Asset Management
Over the years, every business has some documents translated into different languages by various suppliers. How do you leverage those documents for future use? MLT provides enterprise language asset management service, assisting business to create and maintain industry standard translation memory and terminology so that they can be used for future projects, thus reducing costs and optimizing the quality of translations. In MLT, Computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools) are often used to facilitate the translation of projects to shorten turnaround time, reduce costs and improve consistency. If you go with MLT for translation and localization services, translation memory and terminology can be deliverables at no additional cost.
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